Copenhagen Distillery

Copenhagen Single Malt Whisky, RAW Edition / Batch 1

3.000 kr

Copenhagen Distillery’s very first batch in the RAW category is a whisky made from both triple and double-distilled barley malt, which are the pinnacle of the work of two master distillers. The whisky has been matured in 100L virgin casks uniquely created for the distillery. The casks are made from Hungarian Oak and are medium toasted. 

The whisky is made from the highest quality local malts, and has a clean, crisp expression that comes from meticulous distillation processes and virgin casks. It is remarkably rich in flavor with a fresh floral nose followed by a highly malted and peppery palette accompanied by subtle earthy notes. 

The whisky is bottled in cask strength: 61.1% ABV.

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