Copenhagen Distillery

ORANGE GIN - John Kørner edition

400 kr

We're happy to present an exciting collaboration with Danish artist John Kørner.
Based upon our popular Orange Gin we developed this special limited edition for CHART 2021 at Charlottenborg.

Featuring John Kørners amazing piece on the backside of our label does not in any way provide the respect this piece deserves. So if you get a chance to experience his piece full scale then don't think twice. 

The flavour is inspired by the classic, early 20th-century orange gin. Instead of mimicking the gin of the past, we built on the tradition by using a mix of both sweet and bitter oranges. Combined with sweet prune, spicy long pepper, cardamom and juniper for a rich body, our Orange Gin is a unique spin on a classic spirit.

Buy now to secure yourself a bottle of this super limited edition. 

Contact us at for further information or any questions. 

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