Copenhagen Distillery

Angelica Gin

350 kr

Scandinavian and British traditions unite in elegant Danish drinking. Nordic caraway and dill, plucked from aquavit, augment silken juniper with fresh likenesses of lemon, lime and mint. Pink pepper’s fresh sparkle, angelica’s velvet texture and broad, complex turmeric finish the bracing gin’s balance. A refreshing water of life-from both sides of the water.

While redesigning our GIN's labels recently, we took this opportunity to align the names of all our gins by changing the name of the gin formerly-known-as “Dry Gin” to Angelica Gin to reflect its key ingredient besides the essential juniper. So it’s the same award-winning product, just with a new name. We call it a no-nonsense approach. Just like the flavour of our gins.  

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