Copenhagen Distillery

Black Oak Taffel

450 kr

With its impressive 48 % alcohol, this black easter bunny is for everyone. Black Oak Taffel appears soft and gentle in the mouth. With a few drops of water, the cask opens up and the sweetness from the sugar beet brandy steps forward. Caraway runs through the entire experience as a pleasant companion.

Serving Suggestions

Black Oak Taffel is untamed wilderness and heat. Serve it like whisky, add a few drops of water if that’s your fancy, but prepare no matter what to have your socks knocked off in the kindest of ways.

The History Behind Black Taffel

C022 is an old bourbon Hogshead (225 liters) which subsequently was filled with sugar beet brandy for 3 years at Aqua Vitae in the south of Fyn. In the fall of 2017 Copenhagen Distillery took over the cask, now C022, which was filled with Black Taffel Aquavit mixed at around 60 %.

Bourbon notes, sugar beet brandy and caraway has then gotten real cozy, and heavily inspired by the Mexican tradition for Reposado Tequila, we’ve matured the Aquavit for two years in this phenomenal cask before it was bottled at 48 % vol.

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